About Us

Bring to the table win-win survival strategies to ensure proactive domination. At the end of the day, going forward.

Institute of Computer Science & Information Technology running under National Council of Vocational Education & Research Institute, an autonomous trust registered with Government of India is an inimitable organization working with single-minded purpose to bring a gigantic transformation in the world. It draws knowledge from a pool of proficiency and experience to offer the best and the most practical education to its students. It offers various Software, Hardware and professional career-oriented courses and focus on the pursuit of excellence in Computer Education, Training and Research. ICSIT, NCVERI career courses ensure students to learn the skills that make them employable without compromising on quality and fundamentals.


NCVERI’s Institute of Computer Science & Information Technology is an organization known for its distinctiveness in the field of training and education. The institute is driven by the idea of bringing about change and transformation across the globe. The institute takes pride in spreading knowledge through its pool of experienced trainers and practical approach and methodology of training students. The institute specializes in offering software, hardware and professional career-oriented courses to its students. All in all, the institute excels in providing computer education and training. Courses at IACT provide high quality hands-on training and capacity building to make its students skilled to work in diverse professional settings.

NCVERI holds ISO 9001:2015 certification for Training and Education Support Services. The institute persistently works towards identifying and improving skills of professionals and students associated with it and enhancing its own pool of knowledge through rigorous quality checks. All activities and initiatives at the institute rely on active participation of all its franchises, professional trainers and students spread across the country. Institute has been attracting talent from all groups, be it trainers, students or like-minded organizations. It offers opportunities to teachers and learners alike. The institute is ideal for anyone who is striving to grow professionally and willing to contribute to the development of the nation.